Catamarán - ELSIE one

It include:

-ROUNDTRIP HOTEL TRANSFER INCLUDED  (consult pick up areas here)

-Open bar, lunch and top quality tropical fruits and snacks

-Paddle surf, inflatable donuts, kayak, snorkel and go pro

-Route: Leaving Pasito Blanco, we visit the beaches of Amadores, Taurito, Tauro, Perchel and Mogan

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80,00 €

60,00 €



Data sheet

Days Everyday
Hour(s) 11:00 to 15:00
Duration of Activity 5 h
Location Pasito Blanco
Capacity 12 pax
Payment of reservation Now we only charge the reservation amount, the rest you will pay the day of the excursion in cash (no credit card)

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Boat trip in Gran Canaria. Feel like a King aboard the luxurious Elsie One

All aboard! When you start the boat trip on Gran Canaria, you will also start for yourself a little trip full of amenities, luxury and spectacular views. A great day awaits you, you will feel privileged.

Meet the quietness of the sea on a luxury catamaran. You will be very comfortable in the Elsie One, our boat, and will be attended by the kindest and most attentive crew you have met, who are also ready for all the activities of your choice.

This boat trip in Gran Canaria offers all the advantages of a catamaran: It is spacious, so you can take the trip up to twelve people, it is well ventilated, it is brighter and its 360 ° view from the inside is splendid.

Delight yourself with the view while you relax, taste the delicious dishes that we serve and talk with your friends and family. In the boat trip in Gran Canaria the movement across the sea will not be a problem, the way in which the catamaran is designed reduces the rocking movement, which usually makes the crew sick, and instead you will feel only a slight nod.

To enjoy the boat trip in Gran Canaria completely, you can note these fun activities:

If you ever wanted to surf, but you did not have the opportunity, try Paddle Surf, a spectacular variant for the inexperienced. It consists of standing on a larger and more stable board than those used in surfing, while taking a paddle to navigate the sea.

The best thing is that you can go out to the sea without the need for that day there is neither wind nor waves, as they are not as necessary as in surfing; although, if they appear and you are encouraged, you can also surf with the same table.

On the boat trip in Gran Canaria, you also have the options of diving and snorkeling, a few meters from the surface you can observe and enjoy the marine world without much effort as it is suitable for almost everyone, just have the equipment necessary and know how to swim or use lifesavers, imagine the fantastic photos that you can share later!


The boat trip in Gran Canaria is a unique experience. Let yourself be pampered as a king by our friendly crew, who will offer everything to make you feel the best and allows your senses to know the sea deeply enjoying its sound, the breeze and the immensity of the ocean.