Combo Jet Ski + Banana + Parasailing

Price activities separately +€150

It Includes:

- ROUNDTRIP HOTEL TRANSFER INCLUDED (consult pick up areas here)

- 20 minutes jetski 

- 10 minutes parasailing

- 10 minutes Banana boat


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70,00 €


Data sheet

Days All
Hour(s) From 10 to 15 hours
Location Purto Rico
Transport Included going and return from Hotel
Payment of reservation When booking pay only 30% of the total, the rest in the meeting point

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Combo jet ski + Banana + Parachute: Adrenaline to the sky

One of the things that you will notice when visiting the island of Gran Canaria is that the coast is decorated with the entertainment that we offer our visitors. The canary sky is adorned with people in parachutes and below people slide to the water from a giant banana or ride the waves on jet skis Would you like to participate? Reserve for this extraordinary Combo jet ski + Banana + Parachute.

Parachuting or parasailing is a completely recreational activity, consisting of towing a person in a parachute from a boat or land vehicle strong enough. If the boat is powerful enough, two or three people can connect at the same time.

Parasailing in Gran Canaria is a completely relaxed activity, the parachutist has little or no control over the parachute, the main objective is to have a fun ride, not to be confused with the sport of paragliding, you just have to let the boat and the wind drag you on the waves.

The views you can get by parasailing in Gran Canaria are exceptional because the maximum height is reached is 50 meters, and from that distance see the beach is truly amazing, especially in the Ports of Puerto Rico and Mogán, where we offer this activity.

The Puerto Mogán is at the foot of a rock formation so that you can see the boats, the tourists on the coast, the sky and the sea all together is a spectacle that will leave you breathless, besides the parasailing in Gran Canaria is one of the most exciting activities than you can do, therefore it is an unforgettable experience in your visit to the island.

The fun will continue without leaving the beach, as your next ride will be by jet ski. This 20-minute jet ski ride is the perfect activity for those who enjoy water sports, here you will regain control of your fun driving on the waves at your leisure.

And then you can enjoy with five other people the fun banana boat. It is a very common walk in family groups or friends as everyone has fun being thrown into the water after trying to stay on board.

This walk guarantees you a laugh, and everyone who accompanies you will want to repeat it. The banana boat seems a very simple activity but it is very gratifying that it is included in other packages for tourists as it is very fun.

The Combo jet ski + Banana + Parachute has a total duration of 40 minutes. Remember that before performing any aquatic activity you must make predictions about your clothing and ways to protect your skin.

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