Quad tour - 3'5 hours

It include:


-ROUNDTRIP HOTEL TRANSFER INCLUDED  (consult pick up areas here)

-3:30 hours of driving, 100% off road !!

-Capacity for 2 people

-Driving license required

More details

119,00 €


Data sheet

Days All
Duration of Activity 3'5 hours
Location South of the island
Transport Included going and return from Hotel
Capacity 2 people
Payment of reservation When booking pay only 20% of the total, the rest in the meeting point
Minimal age 18 years (driver)

More info

Quad Excursion in Gran Canaria: The freedom to drive off the asphalt

We love to promote adventure sports and know the spectacular natural landscapes of the island, so we want you to know our excursion in Quad in Gran Canaria, where we test your skills in this activity that involves excitement, challenge, fun and lots of adrenaline.

Quads are also known as quad bikes or ATV, it is an off-road type vehicle designed for different uses, especially recreational, as renting quads is an excellent hobby and a great way to create ties with your friends and your family.

Whether you are driving for fun or practicing as a sport, the quad route is full of surprises, there are always new sights and extraordinary landscapes to discover.

You will even surprise yourself, the Quad excursion in Gran Canaria will let you out your full potential for adventure and you will become an explorer full of adrenaline and energy, ready to face any obstacle that presents you on the quad route.

If you've never driven an ATV before, but you want to have fun with the quad rental. Do not worry! They share characteristics similar to cars and motorcycles; Just as the bikes are lightweight, agile and maintains the same driving position, however, their driving style is more like that of a car.

As difficult as it may seem the obstacle during Quad excursion in Gran Canaria, for the quad is probably not a problem, you also have the attention of our team, who will always be taking care of your safety.

Nowadays it is very common to see in any place of Spain entertainment in motor for tourists, you can enjoy them opting for the rent of quads and to visit the more limited places of the Gran Canaria coast.

You will enjoy our trip for three hours, and also you will be able to travel a total distance of 50 kilometers and at the end of the tour you will have all the experience recorded in video and photographs, besides that you will be provided with hydration and will facilitate the transportation to the hotel. You can share the experience with a companion or dare to make the excursion alone, in any case you must be 18 or older.

Gran Canaria is very big and beautiful and the quad route is a fun way to get to know the south of this wonderful island.